Klô Pelgag

Sieste sur l'oreille droite


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Driven by the joy of collaborating with friends, a sense of creative freedom, and a desire to be spontaneous, today Klô Pelgag, Joseph Mihalcean and Samuel Gougoux unveil “Sieste sur l’oreille droite,” a four-song EP.

The project is not the result of a long reflection, quite the opposite. It’s the first draft of a remote composition process. The three artists sent songs to each other, each person adding what they wanted, then there were no second thoughts or fine-tuning. The songs were simply sent away to be mixed, as is.

Product Details

Standard black 12" vinyl
Colored inner sleeve. Download card included.
Secret City Records
Release date
April 19, 2024

Production Credits

Recording Engineers
Klô Pelgag / Joseph Mihalcean / Samuel Gougoux
Pierre Girard
Marc Thériault


Klô Pelgag
Vocals / Synths / Sampling
Joseph Mihalcean
Bass / Guitar
Samuel Gougoux
Percussion / Synths / Saxophone

Composition Credits

All songs were written and composed by
Klô Pelgag, Joseph Mihalcean and Samuel Gougoux